Project Description

diesein Friseure

Introducing the video that showcases the authenticity and beauty of the amazing hairdresser! From the moment you hit play, you’ll be transported to a world where skilled professionals, good vibes, and top-notch services come together in perfect harmony. This video is the perfect representation of the unique atmosphere that sets the salon apart from the rest. You’ll see the team of experts hard at work, creating stunning transformations and providing clients with the very best in hair and beauty services. But it’s not just about the work – you’ll also get a glimpse of the lively and welcoming atmosphere that makes the salon a must-visit destination. So sit back, relax, and let our video take you on a journey of authentic beauty and pure bliss.

My Part

Videography, Editing & Color Grading


diesein Friseure Aachen


Interactive Pioneers GmbH


Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve

Other works